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PSQ-International is an alternative to the traditional leadership trainings. Having worked and trained with leadership training, motivational psychology, safety leadership and human factors for many years, Anders Piper realized that that was a gap between the various kinds of trainings offered and the daily demands and reality of leaders globally.

He discovered that there is a need for a more holistic approach to leadership training that links theory to reality and the constant pressing issues around Performance, Safety and Quality that meets the leader on a day-to-day basis.

Combining knowledge on Determining Human Factors, Motivational Psychology, Communication and Leadership, he has designed and developed the Lead To Inspire programs.

Believing in uniform approaches, where the program “thinks-global-acts-local”, the PSQI global network of qualified trainers and coaches, can support you and your company in achieving your objectives. As a company, you will benefit from our no-nonsense approach to training, coaching and success!

More on Anders Piper:

Anders Piper has a formal background as a Master of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor in Human Resource Development. He has published books on motivational psychology and teamwork and he has a vast experience as an international trainer on Leadership, Safety, Communication and Motivation.