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PSQI Philosophy

As our name indicates, in all our trainings, we focus on the aspects of Performance, Safety and Quality.

We have listed Performance first because we believe that behavior translates into performance, also safety performance, quality performance and of course, productivity. Without the word performance, no company would be able to survive, and within that framework, we ask the participants to include the critical aspects of their job!

Safety Leadership means different things to different people, but working safe should be a vital part of all leadership. Safety in one industry does not necessarily means the same in another. We interpret safety as to where there is a risk involved, whether it is to humans, environment, financial wellbeing or something else. For us it means to motivate people to do their job right. Quality we define much the same way as safety. It relates to the processes inside the company and to the degree, we follow these and control our output.

Very often, these three dimensions of leadership are dealt with individually. We believe that in order to create leaders who can inspire and motivate people to do the job right on all aspects, it has to be dealt with inside that same framework, called Leadership. In all the training-materials, discussions and exercises, we therefore link to these factors and tie the same methods, tools and techniques into one set of behaviors that can get people to do the job right!